Cabinets in Greenville, Ionia and Belding Michigan

Multi Function Cabinets

A place for everything and everything in its place.
In a modern kitchen a workflow can mean the difference between frustration and joy. We are experts at making your kitchen a dream.

Use quality cabinets

Modern cabinets with slide rails and specialized drawers can organize your kitchen or bath better than ever.

Select the right pulls.

Door and drawer pulls can be more than simple knobs. The selection in our show room varies from simple wooden knobs to tiny cutlery....

Ash to oak woods.

The color of stain or paint can vary on the type of wood you choose. Maple is lighter and Cherry offers a dark reddish timeless beauty.....

Store things where you use them

Pots and Pans are best kept near the range or cooktop; mixing bowls near the countertop you use for food preparation; plates, glasses and flatware near the dishwasher....